‘Miscreants’ set Gazipur Shri Shri Laximata temple on fire

Muslim miscreants set a Hindu temple ablaze at Keshurita Modhyaparha Shri Shri Laximata Gazipur Sadar at Upazila
Unidentified miscreants set a Hindu temple ablaze at Keshurita Modhyaparha Shri Shri Laximata Gazipur Sadar at Upazila
Gazipur Correspondent,  bdnews24.com

The temple was set on fire at around 3am Friday at the Keshurita Modhyaparha Shri Shri Laximata Mandir in the upazila, the temple’s management committee chief Shyamal Chandra Das told bdnews24.com.

But the locals managed to douse the flames quickly, he said. “Four idols in the temple were damaged.”

He, however, could not say who the perpetrators were.

Sadar Upzila Nirbahi Officer Fouzia Rahman visited the site in the morning and assured that legal measures would be taken over the matter.

After Bangladesh’s first war crimes tribunal awarded death sentence to Jamaat-e-Islami leader and war criminal Delwar Hossain Sayedee on Feb 28, the activists of Jamaat and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir have been carrying out violent attacks across the country.

Many Hindu temples and households were attacked, vandalised and torched since then in different parts of the country.



  1. dear hindus just burn there masjid also why are you suffering alone.its better than by killed by likes of those if don't fight back they will cruse you. try referring GITA if your moral and values are stopping you

  2. HINDUS, better be killed than living lives of slaves: bengal is slowly going out of the hands of hindus to muslims and no other but bengali hindus are responsible for it.even after the partition of bengal by muslims in 1906 and killing of lacs of innocent hindus they didn't learn any lession and kept continue on the foolish agenda of secularism.they never supported bjp or other hindu organizations in bengal.even today the list of anti hindu anti bjp pseudo seculars in india contains majority of bengali hindu whether intellectuals or media person or historians or politicians.in 1952 assembly election there was no muslim MLA in w bengal but today they are 45 as per my knowledge and may be more. Bangladeshi muslims are coming across the border and have captured all the bordering districts. can you imagine any such situation in bangaladesh or pakistan that hindus have captured area crossing border.muslims will come out with arms and kill each and every hindu in their land.but hindus are behind the bars in their own country for protecting their life, their property,their lands and girls. why ? because they don't want to fight.they just leave every thing on govt and keep sleeping.so, if you want to save your life, your land, your property and girls & women get armed.i have read on FB that there is a hindu community in pakistan whose girls & women are never attacked by muslims because each and every lady keep khanjar type instrument with them .be daring ,no one will dare to face you .

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEfOZ5vmp-o

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  5. This attack was not just on the minorities, the nation was on.

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  7. I sincerely fail to understand what happiness people derive from channelizing negativity in the atmosphere. no religion talks about harming each other. demolishing or attacking a hindu temple or a Masjid as commented by few people only increases hatred and misunderstandings. why do we people only pick those things from the religion that suits us the best or supports our theory good or bad. As far as i have read every religion talks about killing the demon/satan/evil. lets remove that and not hurt any religious institutions or people. be holy, think holy.
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