‘Miscreants’ set Gazipur Shri Shri Laximata temple on fire

Muslim miscreants set a Hindu temple ablaze at Keshurita Modhyaparha Shri Shri Laximata Gazipur Sadar at Upazila
Unidentified miscreants set a Hindu temple ablaze at Keshurita Modhyaparha Shri Shri Laximata Gazipur Sadar at Upazila
Gazipur Correspondent,  bdnews24.com

The temple was set on fire at around 3am Friday at the Keshurita Modhyaparha Shri Shri Laximata Mandir in the upazila, the temple’s management committee chief Shyamal Chandra Das told bdnews24.com.

But the locals managed to douse the flames quickly, he said. “Four idols in the temple were damaged.”

He, however, could not say who the perpetrators were.

Sadar Upzila Nirbahi Officer Fouzia Rahman visited the site in the morning and assured that legal measures would be taken over the matter.

After Bangladesh’s first war crimes tribunal awarded death sentence to Jamaat-e-Islami leader and war criminal Delwar Hossain Sayedee on Feb 28, the activists of Jamaat and its student wing Islami Chhatra Shibir have been carrying out violent attacks across the country.

Many Hindu temples and households were attacked, vandalised and torched since then in different parts of the country.

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‘Miscreants’ desecrate idols in 4 Bogra temples

Bogra Correspondent,  bdnews24.com

Gabtoli Police Station Officer in-Charge Ali Ahmed Hamshi said the temples of Sabek para, Karmakar Para, Bamunia of Sonarai Union and Kamarchatt of Rameswarpur Union were vandalised on Tuesday midnight.

‘Miscreants’ have desecrated idols in four Hindu temples of Gabtoli upazila in Bogra.

Hindus in Kamarchatt were in a state of shock after the attacks on the temples, resident Shishir Karmakar told bdnews24.com.

Upazila Executive Officer Munira Sultana said all the vandalised temples were situated by the road.

Only the idols were desecrated.

District Administrator’s office assured financial assistance for the damaged temples.

Bogra Deputy Commissioner Sarwar Mahmud, district Police Superintendent Mojammel Haque, Upazila Executive Officer Munira Sultana, Puja Udjapan Parishad and Awami League leaders and police visited the sites on Wednesday morning.

They assured of security and compensation.

Ramesshapur Union’s former Chairman and district Awami League chief AH Azam Khan said that the residents of the affected areas were poor and illiterate. “No one would say who did it (desecration)”.

Several Hindu localities and temples were targeted in the violence that followed after Jamaat leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee was sentenced to death on Feb 28 for crimes against humanity during the Liberation War in 1971.

A total of 67 people including seven policemen were killed in the violence. One Hindu man reportedly died during the attacks.

In Bogra, attacks were carried out on policemen and houses and hostels of Awami League leaders were set on fire.

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Hindus attacked in Khulna, Netrokona

Khulna/Netrokona Correspondents,  bdnews24.com
Some miscreants have reportedly attacked the minority Hindu community, vandalised their houses, shops and temples, and detonated bombs in Khulna city and Netrokona Sadar during the strike call given by the opposition alliance.
Muslim miscreants vandalized hindu temples, houses, shops at Kalibari temple in Netrokona city’s Banikpara
Vandalized Hindu idols

Over 150 youths brandishing sticks and sharp weapons attempted to break open the door of Pabla Sarbajanin Kalibari Temple in Netrokona city’s Banikpara around 9:30pm on Monday night, witnesses told bdnews24.com.

Unable to break the door, they climbed on the temple and vandalised its glasses and floor, they said.

“They also blasted two crude bombs.”

Then they vandalised the houses and shops of Hindus in the area.

Doulatpur Police Station Officer in Charge Mohammad Akhter Hossain confirmed the incidents to bdnews24.com.

“We reached the scene soon after the attacks, and nabbed Humayun Kabir, 26, and Arman, 18, from there.”

Attempts were on to find others, he said.

Local authorities visited the site of attacks.

Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Parishad General Secretary Prashanta Kundu alleged that a quarter was attacking Hindus in a planned way to disturb communal harmony. He warned of movements if actions were not taken soon.

Meanwhile, in Netrokona, Model Police Station Officer in Charge Azizur Rahman told bdnews24.com a general diary (GD) was filed in connection with desecration of seven idols in Harimandir in Sadar upazila’s Bobahala.

Temple attendant Mithun Dutta said the ‘miscreants’ smashed the seven idols into pieces on Monday night.

The temple committee informed the police of the incident.

Local authorities visited the damaged temple site at around 10am on Tuesday morning, bdnews24.com local Correspondent reported.

Nationwide attacks on Hindus broke out soon after Jamaat-e-Islami leader Delwar Hossain Sayedee was sentenced to death on Feb 28.

One Hindu man reportedly died in the attacks.
Police claim the attacks were being carried out by those who are opposed war crimes trials.
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Minority groups blame politicians for attacks

Shahidul Islam,  bdnews24.com

Noakhali Bashkhali hindu house temple idols destroyed burned by muslim fanatic
Noakhali Bashkhali hindu house temple idols destroyed burned by muslim fanatic

Leaders of religious minority groups on Sunday sought commitment from political leaders for their security in the wake of recent nationwide attacks on houses and temples of Hindus.

The leaders said they feared such attacks would run through to next elections.

Five were killed, at least 47 temples and 1,500 houses belonging to Hindus were vandalised or set on fire during the recent attacks in 37 districts, according to Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Parishad.

Statistics have come from a monitoring cell installed in Dhaka’s Dhakeswari National Temple on Mar 1, the Parishad’s chief Kajal Debnath has told bdnews24.com.

But Hindu-Bouddha-Christiain Oikya Parishad said the extent of damages would be far more.

Ninety-nine temples were attacked, 48 of them were looted, vandalised and burned down, the organisation’s General Secretary Rana Dasgupta told bdnews24.com. “Almost 2,000 minorities’ houses were burned down.”

Noakhali Bashkhali hindu temple idols destroyed burned by muslim fanatic
Hindu temple idols destroyed burned
by muslim fanatic in Noakhali
He feared such attacks would continue.

“Let this not be part of nasty politics. The way top politicians are speaking, it seems they are instigating conflict,” he said.

“BNP and Jamaat said they did not carry out the attacks, Ershad is also denying. Awami League says there’s no question of their involvement. Then who did it?”

Dasgupta said they all wanted to see that political leaders were with them. “They can prove by their deeds that they are politicians, not criminals.”

“They can do politics, but it should be clear that we are not guinea pigs,” he said.

Dasgupta cited Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics figures that Hindu and Christian and other minorities’ population in Bangladesh came down to 9.7 percent in 2012 from the 21 percent in 1971 and 19.7 percent in 1947.

“The main reason for attacking minorities’ houses and temples is to take away their property. The culture began in 1947,” he said.

He feared that if the current trend continued, the number of minorities would come down to one percent of the population over the next 10 years.

Puja Udjapon Parishad chief Devnath said they did not want any special favour for the minorities. “We only want that our name be not the cause of our trouble.”
Islami miscreants vandalised a Saraswati idol at a temple beside the residence of ruling-party Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammad Atiur Rahman Atique in Sherpur city’s Madhabpur.
Islami miscreants vandalised a Saraswati idol in Sherpur

“If this was to be the end, then it would have been peaceful. But this is not the end. More war crimes verdicts will come. Such acts are being done with a target before and after the elections.”

He called upon the government, administration and political parties to be aware of the attacks.
Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Parishad Joint General Secretary Nirmal Kumar Chatterjee said they would file a report prepared by the monitoring cell findings to authorities and foreign agencies soon.

Government assistance to the victims was not satisfactory, he said.

Bangladesh Hindu-Buddha-Christian Oikya Parishad Presidium Member Subrata Chowdhury recalled the making of Bangladesh and later history to claim that those governments were ‘always involved in suppressing the minorities’.

“We don’t want to believe Awami League is involved in the 2013 attacks. But, they have failed to ensure justice. Local authorities have also failed to take necessary actions,” he said.

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Hindu goddess idol vandalised in Sherpur

Sherpur Correspondent, bdnews24.com
‘Miscreants’ vandalised a Saraswati idol at a temple beside the residence of ruling-party Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammad Atiur Rahman Atique in Sherpur city’s Madhabpur.
 ‘Miscreants’ vandalised a Saraswati idol at a temple beside the residence of ruling-party Member of Parliament (MP) Mohammad Atiur Rahman Atique in Sherpur city’s Madhabpur.
The ‘Madhabpur Puja Temple’ committee informed the police about the incident that took place on Friday night.

Hindus have been offering prayers at this temple for the past 77 years, said the temple committee Chief Dilip Kumar Paul. “Vandalism was conducted to dent the communal harmony.”

Paul demanded punishment for the perpetrators.

He, however, did not blame anyone specifically for the sabotage.

“Whoever is responsible… they will be identified and arrested,” said Sherpur Sadar Police Station Officer in-Charge Mazharul Karim.

He visited the temple on Saturday morning.

Suspected Jamaat-e-Islami activists had been carrying out vandalism and attacks on the Hindus in several areas of Bangladesh over the issue of trial of war criminals.

One Hindu was reportedly hacked to death during the attacks.

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Two more temples vandalised

2 Hindu houses set on fire

Unidentified criminals destroyed around 30 idols in two temples in Jhenidah and Gopalganj on Monday.
In Jhenidah, vandals broke into the temple at Angita cremation ground in Kaliganj upazila and wrecked 23 Shib idols around midnight, reported our correspondent in the district.
Badal Thakur, president of the temple committee, has demanded exemplary punishment to those involved in the hate crime.
Liakat Hossain, officer-in-charge of Kaliganj Police Station, said they would look into the matter.
Upazila Chairman Anwarul Azim Anar said a thorough investigation would be launched to bring the criminals to book.
AL lawmaker Abdul Mannan, Deputy Commissioner Khaja Hannan, Jhenidah Superintendent of Police Altaf Hossain and Upazila Vice Chairman Tithi Rani Biswas, among others, visited the spot.
In Gopalganj, six idols were destroyed at Kafilabari Durga temple in the district’s Kotalipara upazila the same night, reported a correspondent.
Sources said a devotee, Aloka Madhu, discovered the broken idols when she went to offer prayers around 10:00am.
Khokon Bala, chairman of Ramshil union parishad of Kotalipara, said the temple was vandalised by criminals.
Officer-in-Charge of Kotalipara Police Station Tuta Mia confirmed the incident.
Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Kotalipara Md Mikail said, “We are investigating the matter.”
Earlier, six people including a Jamaat leader were arrested on charges of torching a temple in Lakhirpar area of Kotalipara on March 3.
Meanwhile in Barisal city, two houses of Hindus on New Vatikhana Road were set ablaze by unknown criminals around 2:45am yesterday.
The flames were doused by locals before they could wreak any major damage.
A bottle of kerosene was recovered from the spot, but no complaints were lodged with the police, said Rafiqul Islam, officer-in-charge of Kawnia Police Station.
Touhidul Islam Badsha, councillor of ward-4, and Ashok Sarkar, owners of the houses, said the vandals used sacks, saw-dust and kerosene to set fire.

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Truck torched, temple smashed in Jhenaidah

Jhenaidah Correspondent,  bdnews24.com

Picketers set on fire a truck and vandalised a temple in Jhenaidah amidst the BNP-led 18-Party Alliance-sponsored nationwide day-long shutdown.

The cement-laden Kustia-bound truck was blocked on the Jhenaidah-Kustia highway early in the morning, Shailakupar Police Station Officer in-Charge Abdul Bari said.

“They spread petrol on the truck and set it on fire.”

Police officials visited the site, he added.

Meanwhile, ‘miscreants’ vandalised a Shiva temple in Kaligan upazila’s Parkhalkula area late Monday night, Kaliganj Police Station Officer in-Charge Liakat Ali said.

“They broke in and smashed 21 Shiva statues," he said.
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