Huge gold ornaments stolen from Dhakeshwari

Star Online Report

Two hundreds tolas of gold ornaments and Tk 4.5 lakh in cash were stolen from the city's Dhakeshwari Temple early Sunday.

Protesting the incident, worship in the temple remained stopped since the morning.

Police detained four people, including security guards and cleaners, in this connection.

Nirnal Chatterjee, Joint Secretary of Mohanagar Sarbo Janin Puja Committee, told The Daily Star, 'Sebayet Ratan Chakraborti and Notya Gopal Chakraborti had left locked all the locks of the main temple at around 9:00pm on Saturday night and they found all the locks missing when they returned at around 6:00am this morning.'

'All the ornaments were ornamented with the body of goddess Kali as these were given by the devotees while the money were kept in the boxes in front of the goddess", said Nirmal Chatterjee and added, 'We suspect, an organized gang is involved in the burglary."

He alleged that earlier they had informed the government authorities several times about the insecurity of the temple, but nothing was done inn this connection.

After the incident, a protest meeting was held in front of the temple in the morning when the temple committee also announced another protest meeting for tomorrow.

Mohanagar Sarobojanin Puja Komit President Biresh Chandra Saha filed a General Diary with Chawkbazar Police Station in this connection.

Deputy Commissioner Khurshid Hossain of Lalbagh division told The Daily Star that they detained four persons for questioning.

'We feel something mysterious behind the incident and we are hopeful that the mystery will be unearthed soon", he said.

Earlier, all the ornaments and cash money were stolen from the city's two other temples--Joy Kali Temple on December 22 and Barodeshwari Kali Mandir on December 11.

News Source: The Daily Star

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